Meet the Seller: Love from Italy

26 July 2016

Alex Scales has grown Love from Italy from a small home party business to not one but two shops within Grimsby town centre. We had a chat with Alex, the business owner, to find more about these bustling fashion boutiques.

How did Love from Italy begin?
Well, we started off very small and it's just grown since then. I started doing home parties and events, and now we've opened two shops, Love from Italy and Love from Isla, named after my granddaughter. We opened Isla's in October 2015 and Love from Italy has been open for three years now.

What do you look for in clothing before you sell it in your shops?
We chose the name Love from Italy because we stock a lot of the Italian layered Lagenlook clothing, where as at Love from Isla's we have a lot more varied customers. Our clothing is aimed at women around 25 years plus I would say, and we just listen to what the customers want. They tell us and guide us and we supply.

And what are your most popular brands?
We're doing really well with Zaxy and Fly London shoes, and Joma Jewellery. It's definitely our best selling product, layered bracelets with charms, they're really popular.

Tell us a little bit about your shops?
Love from Isla is in Freshney Place, and the arcade we're in is all independent traders, so it is really nice with all local companies. It's like a little community, always very supportive. Then Love from Italy is just outside Freshney Place in the town centre.

What is a typical day like for you?
It depends really, because it's my business I can be quite busy. Sometimes when I'm in the shop, it's like a rest because it's nice to meet people and talk to people. Of course when I'm not in the shop there's loads to do, like ordering and invoicing, I'm always looking for new stock all the time so there is always plenty to be doing.

And what is the ethos behind the business?
We are a small, family owned boutique with a small team, and we like to meet the needs of the community. Our customers direct us and we look out for the stuff that they want.

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