Meet the Seller: Sweet Temptations

11 August 2016

For the past year, Sweet Temptations has been bringing fun, trendy and nostalgic confectionery to Lincolnshire. We met up with owner Mark Callanan to find out more about his Grimsby sweet shop.

How did Sweet Temptations begin?
It was an idea from my wife and I really. We were looking to start a business on our own so we could take control of our future and sweets was something we came up with. We've started with the traditional sweets and now we're bringing in the healthier sweets for different dietary needs as well. So it's going well, it's a lot of different things that not a lot of people sell around here.

When did Sweet Temptations open?
It was a year ago now, so it's gone quite quickly. It was the middle of July, Cleethorpes Carnival Day, so I know when the anniversary is!

And what do you look for when looking for new sweets to sell?
Mainly, we just look for things that you can't get around here. We sell a lot of trendy brands, such as Candy Kittens from Made in Chelsea, and things like that.

How do you decide which products to stock?
A lot of it is seeing things on the internet, usually Twitter and Facebook, and I just get in touch with the companies. Usually they send me a box of samples, so I try as much as I can and see what I like and what I think will sell in the shop – which is very good!

Tell us a little about your shop in Abbeygate.
Well, we're just in the middle of changing the shop at the minute, adding a bit of colour to it and changing a few things around. Abbeygate is a nice area when the sun is out, it's like its own, different area when it's sunny, so with the summer coming up, it should be good.

What is a typical day like for you?
I get here usually very early, too early, and set up. It's quieter in the morning so I tend to get things done then, and then I get a few customers in around dinner time. That's when people are walking about and pop in. Then more customers come in again after 4pm when the kids have finished school, then it's home time around 5pm.

And what are your most popular sweets?
Out of the sweets, it's usually the chocolate nibbles, chocolate lick and pear drops, things like that which people remember from their childhood. The Doisy & Dam chocolate goes really well, I think mainly because of the packaging, that's what drew me to it and it's healthier in a way too.

Take a look at Sweet Temptation's trendy sweets and chocolate available on One Lincolnshire now!

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