Meet the Seller: The Boutique, Waltham

12 August 2016

Sue Peters and Rachel Tuite have a vision for their fashion boutique, “styling the ladies of Lincolnshire” through “a partnership built on our love of fashion”, counting Strictly Come Dancing's Joanne and Karen as customers! We had a quick chat with Sue to find out more about The Boutique.

How did The Boutique begin?
Rachel and I worked in the shop for another lady who had two other boutiques, and when she became pregnant and had a little one she was finding three shops too many. So, she asked us to take it over, which we did in the middle of March this year.

And tell us how you met Rachel.
Just from working here! We didn't know each other until we worked here, we got on really well straight away, you know when you just gel with someone. And when we took over, the previous owner helped us with suppliers, really helped us a lot. She wanted us to do well because she opened this shop, and she knew that we were more in touch with the customers here so I think it went smoothly for both sides.

When it comes to picking your stock, how do you decide?
Well, we've kept some of the brands that our customers love, and we go to trade shows around three times a year. This way, the brands get to know us and keep us updated with all new styles and clothing. We have a new brand coming in for Autumn/Winter called Access Fashion from Greece, so we get our clothes from all over the world really.

We also sell lots of accessories, handbags, scarves and jewellery, and we stock a lady who makes her own real silver jewellery. Then we do a small selection of shoes, just something for the season like boots in the winter and sandals for the summer.

And how would you describe the style of clothing that you sell?
What we try to do is aim for most pockets and ages, so we serve girls of 16 and ladies of 80. When we're buying, we try to think 'This will be nice for the older ladies, and this will be nice for the younger girls'.

Tell us a little bit about your shop.
Waltham is a lovely village and we have a nice little row of shops here along the High Street. Customers will visit the other shops and then come in and see us. We all know each other and go to each others' shops if we need anything. There's a lot of foot traffic and it's a very busy road, people often come in after seeing an item in the window when driving past, so it's a prime spot really.

What's a typical day like at The Boutique?
We always have customers wondering in and out, and there are always jobs to do like tidying up and sorting things out, placing orders, admin and cashing up at the end of the day.

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